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Belvedere Waste Water Treatment Plant

Project Description

Stroud Engineering provided complete permitting, design, and construction administration and inspection services related to the construction of a 5 stage BNR wastewater treatment system to replace the existing extended aeration WWTP. Prior to construction of this project wastewater disposal was by spray irrigation onto the golf course. This method of disposal had proven to be incompatible with maintenance of the greens and fairways for golf play.

As a result, Carolina Water Service (CWS) was having to pump and haul at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Stroud Engineering assisted CWS in selection and purchase of a tract of land suitable for rapid rate infiltration. For disposal by this method, the effluent quality had to meet strict limits for nitrogen and phosphorus. The new plant and process began operation in 2016 and has consistently produced effluent quality below the permit limits for all parameters including nitrogen and phosphorus.

Project Details

CLIENT: Carolina Water Service Inc. of NC
LOCATION: Hampstead, NC

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