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Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Site Development, Environmental, Mechanical/Electrical, Structural
Stroud Engineering
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Stroud Engineering provides complete services to both public and private clients. We specialize in helping clients take their land development projects from planning to completion, providing all of the planning, surveying and engineering services involved in that process.

Stroud provides planning, permitting, design, contract administration and inspection for a wide range of land development projects. These projects include residential and commercial subdivisions, as well as site development plans for apartment projects, condominium projects, townhouse projects, shopping centers and other commercial ventures.

Stroud professionals also provide extensive environmental services, including CAMA permitting, NPDE permitting, site layout, storm water management systems, water supply and distribution, and sewage collection, treatment and disposal. We have worked extensively with real estate development companies, as well as utilities, universities, and city and county governments.

Stroud's complete portfolio of services also include design of building plans for multifamily dwellings, offices and commercial buildings as a complete in house service, including structural, plumbing, electrical and HVAC design. We also provide electrical engineering services as a subconsultant to architects and contractors.

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